Fish from the sea

Fish From The Sea

The supply of fish, the essential raw material for our business is largely assured by having by having our own “quotas” covering the main commercial species.

The catching operation utilises company owned and operated fishing vessels, and a number of chartered deep-sea factory trawlers.

All fishing vessels are fitted with modern equipment to ensure efficient catching and quality. They operate throughout most of the year giving continuity of supply to the company’s national and international markets.

The fresh fish vessels catch mainly hoki, warehou, barracouta, monkfish, skate, flounder, sole, groper, tarakihi, gurnard etc, which are landed fresh in ice.

The freezer vessels catch mainly squid, hoki, orange roughy, hake, ling, southern blue whiting, red cod, smooth oreo dory, silver warehou, warehou, mackerel, barracouta, etc., which are semi processed and snap frozen at sea to ensure premium condition and quality. Further processing, if required, is then carried out at the company’s onshore processing facilities.

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