Modern processing

Modern Processing

Our purpose built new 5,000 square metre, temperature controlled factory has processing facilities equal to any in its class in the world.

The advanced design and incorporation of the latest technology will meet the ever increasing international standards and conditions for many years to come.

Temperature control, as well as the usage of ice and ice slurry, combined with compact and efficient processing lines, means that product temperature variance from start to finish is kept within 2-3 degrees, thereby maintaining the cold chain to ensure superior quality and appearance.

The company’s policy is to produce and supply top quality products for which it maintains a stringent quality control system based on HACCP and TQM principles.

All products are subject to daily quality assays and regular laboratory tests.

United Fisheries is fully licensed by applicable government and local bodies. It is also an approved processor for shellfish by the U.S. FDA and officially listed as an approved exporter to the United States, Canada, and many other international markets.

The factory has many processing lines designed for different products, including:

  • Fresh chilled products for air transport to overseas markets.
  • Fillets in different processed forms depending on market or customer requirements
  • Squid line, producing tubes and other squid products
  • Plus more specialised lines e.g. for mussels and added value products.
  • The mussel line, which is in a fully enclosed section to meet international health and safety requirements produces mussels in the various popular market forms such as half-shell, IQF meat and marinated.
  • The Added Value Line is a fully automated batter/breading process line, able to produce a range of crumbed and battered products. These are ideal for the hospitality industry and supermarkets and include Calamari Rings, Fish Nuggets, etc.

The processing facilities use various high tech freezing methods such as plate freezers, IQF freezers and air blast freezers, depending on the form and requirements of the product and markets, they are servicing.

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