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Hoki belongs to the Merluciidae family (hakes).

Dark purple-blue along the back, shading to paler iridescent blue on the upper site and minor-like silver below.  The fins are dark grey.  Hoki have an easily recognisable long, thin body with a tapering tail fringed by dorsal and anal fins.  The eyes and jaws are large, the teeth are small and sharp.

Hoki Fishery

Hoki is New Zealand’s most important commercial fish species.  It lives mainly in the middle water depths and is taken by trawling, usually at depths of around 300 to 600 metres.

Hoki are found throughout New Zealand waters, but the main catching grounds are off the West Coast of the South Island, in Cook Strait, and on the Chatham Rise.

New Zealand’s hoki fishery is managed by strict quotes which allow only a set amount of hoki to be taken commercial each year.  The Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC was increased to 110,010 metric tonnes for the 2009/10 fishing year.

Hoki Exports

Total exports of hoki in the year ended December 2009 were worth $NZ 152 million.
The major markets for hoki are Europe and Australia taking around 70 per cent of the total export. The Asian nations are other important markets.

Virtually all hoki is exported as frozen fillets, frozen blocks of fillets and minced meat.

Hoki Meat Quality

Hoki flesh is moist, white and delicate, with few bones. It flakes easily and is excellent for forming into fish block. It is also well suited to further processing into a wide range of consumer presentations. In fact in New Zealand and many other countries, it is New Zealand's sustainable hoki in your McDonalds Fillet'o'Fish.

Product Details


A Sustainable Fishing Resource Harvested According to the New Zealand Quota Management System

Scientific Name

Macruronus novaezelandiae

Product Profile

Length:  60-100 cm, reaching 130 cm

Weight:  0.5-3.5 kg

Availability:  Year-round, but the main season is June to September when the fish are spawning

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