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Blue Mackerel are members of the Scombridae (tunas and mackerels) family.  Blue Mackerel are blue green above with a pattern of dark oblique wavy lines. Sides and belly silvery white with rows of dark spots along sides under the lateral line. The two dorsal fins are widely separated.

Blue Mackerel Fishery

Blue Mackerel are widespread around the North Island an northern South Island. Pelagic.

Blue Mackerel Meat Quality

Flesh dark, forms medium flakes. High fat content. Makes excellent canned product and is traded internationally in this form.

Product Details


A Sustainable Fishing Resource Harvested According to the New Zealand Quota Management System

Scientific Name

Scomber australasicus

Other Names

Pacific Mackerel, Southern Mackerel (NZ)

Saba (Japan)

Maquereau austral (France)

Mittelmeer-Makrele (Germany)

Maccerello, Sgombro (Italy)

Caballa (Spain)

Skumbriya (Russia).

Product Profile

Length: Average 30-40 cm

Weight: Average 1.5 kg

Availability: Year-round

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