New Zealand Seafood


Trumpeter are members of the Cheilodactylidae family.  They have a silver-blue to slate grey with tinges of gold on the upper body and a silver underside.  The body is deep with long, low dorsal and anal fins and an elongated fin ray running from the pectoral fin.

Porae are distinguished from Tarakihi by their colouring, lack of a dark shoulder band, and have more pronounced lips.

Trumpeter Fishery

Porae's preferred habitat is sandy bottoms around reefs.  They are found in warmer waters from the tidal edge to depths of 60 metres or more.

New Zealand's Porae fishery is managed by strict quotas, which allow only a set amount of Porae to be taken commercially each year. This Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) was set at 71 metric tonnes for the 2009/10 fishing year.

Trumpeter Meat Quality

Porae have white, moist, medium to thick flakes.  Their fillets have good Omega-3 levels and are suited to most cooking methods.

A Sustainable Fishing Resource Harvested According to the New Zealand Quota Management System

Scientific Name

Latris lineata

Market Names

Porae, Koekohe, Kohikohi (Maori), Striped Trumpeter, Okiisaki (Japan).

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