Welcome to United Fisheries.

We have a massive respect for the sea and our fisherman who brave the oceans day to day.

Since our beginnings in 1974, we are still family owned, and have become one of New Zealand’s top seafood suppliers.

The ocean provides for us, but needs to be cared for, for future generations.

We are sea believers

Forty years. Four brothers. One mission.

Our business began as a humble fish and chip shop over 40 years ago. To consistently serve the freshest, tastiest fish, we then began catching our own. From there we grew to become one of New Zealand’s largest fisheries.

Our father, Kypros Kotzikas, still works in the business with the four brothers, and together we are all sea believers. We have a massive respect for the fishermen who brave the ocean day-to-day and for doing what’s best for the oceans.

One thing you can be sure of. We know our stuff. Because we fish, fillet and fry our own catch. We know every part of the food chain and we guarantee to consistently delivery the best. 


Our products are handmade

We use the best ingredients, to authentic recipes. We have a strong international focus and always look to see what’s on trend. We have an extensive range of tasty snacks and tapas, from Asia street food inspired bao buns, to Japanese gyoza and flavour packed Mexican empanadas.

Whether it be the juiciest prawns, or the freshest bok choy, we take the best of what nature gives us.

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