United Fish Co.

Dory Crumbed Fillet Portions

KK's passion for the finest seafood often meant casting the line out a bit further, and the deep clean waters off the coast of New Zealand is an obvious place to drop that line. Dory is one of the deep sea species sustainably caught in these waters and when you spend the time to brave the southern ocean, you want to be sure to come back with the finest product. Prized for its firm, succulent texture Dory is also mild and slightly sweet in flavour with the versatility¬†to be served saut√©ed, baked, steamed, poached, or even coated in breadcrumbs and fried.    

Product Details

Fresh wild caught Dory, hand cut boneless skinless fillets, expertly coated in a crisp golden crumb and snap frozen to seal in the freshness. Fryer, oven or air-fryer ready to conveniently cook from frozen for a succulent, tender, flavoursome result.

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