United Fish Co. is our range of premium fish and seafood, all ready prepared for you to simply cook. Using the highest quality natural fish, we have natural fish fillets, delicious crumbed nuggets and fillets, calamari and delicate shellfish.


United Food Co. is our range of international authentic, hand made foods from around the world, ready to eat in just ten minutes.

Our aim is for our customers to experience different cultures and delicacies right in the comfort of their own homes. From Mexican empanadas, Indian samosas to Chinese dumplings, each dish is carefully crafted, using the finest ingredients available. We want to make life simpler and more enjoyable by providing quality food products that are not only delicious but also nutritious. With United Food Co. you can always indulge in authentic cuisine from different parts of the world without the hassle of preparation.


Sea Cuisine is our range of prawns — big, small, with heads, without heads, shelled, unshelled — all your prawn requirements! Prawns are highly prized for their delicious taste and are commonly consumed as a seafood delicacy in many cuisines around the world. They are a versatile ingredient and are used in a wide range of culinary preparations. They can be grilled, sautéed, stir-fried, or used in soups, stews, curries, and various seafood dishes.


Holy Smoke buy the best raw material from responsible growers, and apply their 15 years of smokehouse practices learned from hundreds of years of traditional artisan smoking techniques from Europe. By applying traditional Manuka wood smoking methods, including hand slicing our sea salmon, Holy Smoke supply New Zealander’s with primary quality hot and cold smoked salmon.


Bio Marinus™ is a complex and complete fertiliser for healthier soils, healthier plants and healthier animals. Bio Marinus™ is manufactured by the enzymatic hydrolysis of fish and is designed to provide a high quality, cost effective fertiliser. Bio Marinus™ is produced from a Sustainable Fishing Resource, harvested according to the New Zealand Quota Management System.


Our range of supplements promote bone density, joint mobility and support the immune system for you and your pets. We believe that enhanced health should be simple and natural. You can be confident that Nutri Zing fuels your body with the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.