New Zealand’s World Leading Quota Management System

UFL comply to the New Zealand Quota Management System

  • Introduced in 1986
  • Encourages sustainable fishing
  • Globally recognized as world leading management system
  • A yearly catch limit is set for every fish stock (species of fish, shellfish or seaweed)
  • Fish stocks are separated into Quota Management Areas (QMAs)
  • NZ has 98 species which are divided into 642 separate fish stocks under the QMS
  • Quota shares are described as a number, having 100 million shares for every species. Annual catch entitlement (ACE) is described in kilograms.
  • (Sourced from seafoodnewzealand.org.nz) In 2009, New Zealand received the highest possible rating for ecologically sustainable management of its fisheries; was ranked first amongst 53 fishing nations for managing marine resources in 2010; placed first out of 41 countries for the quality of its fisheries monitoring in 2011; and ranked fifth out of 28 nations for healthy fish stocks in 2016.

The objectives of the QMS introduction were to:

  • Rebuild inshore fish stocks where required
  • Ensure that catches were limited to levels that could be sustained over the long term;
  • Ensure that catches were harvested efficiently with maximum benefit to industry and to New Zealand;
  • Allocate catch entitlements equitably based on individual permit holder’s commitment to the fishery;
  • Manage the fisheries so that Industry retains maximum security of access and flexibility of harvesting;
  • Integrate the management system, which can be applied both nationally and regionally;
  • Provide financial assistance to facilitate restructuring of the Seafood Industry to meet the above regionally;
  • Enhance the recreational fishery.




The company owns several established mussel farms, as well as having contracts with other farms, which provide a secure supply of the unique New Zealand “Greenshell™ Mussels”.

United Fisheries continues to expand its aquaculture operation in mussels and is also developing the cultivation of other shellfish species. The are grown on ropes in a controlled and natural environment to ensure quality and condition.

Once the mussels have matured to their optimum size, they are then checked for quality and only harvested once they reach their best condition. They are then transported under refrigeration to the factory for processing.

United Fisheries is an approved processor for shellfish by the U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), which approval is only given when high standards of environmental cleanliness, freedom from pollution and factory hygiene are met.

United Fisheries Food Safety Certification

United Fisheries Ltd operates under a New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) registered and approved Risk Management Programme (RMP).

Our RMP registration number is PH587.

All products processed and packed by United Fisheries Ltd are included in the scope of our RMP.

United Fisheries Ltd is also a major importer of food and food products.

We have a Food Importer Registration as required under the Food Act 2014.

All food imported by United Fisheries Ltd is required to comply with the applicable NZ Ministry for Primary Industries Imported Food Requirements.

All suppliers or manufacturers of food and food products imported by United Fisheries Ltd are approved and listed as part of our approved suppliers programme.