When our father KK got into growing Mussels way back, people thought he’d been getting too much sea air. Luckily, he knew a few things they didn’t. Years later and United Fish Co. is the big news in Mussels down here. We grow them in cold, clear waters, then snap-freeze so every bit of freshness makes it to your plate. This is quite simply nature’s food at its best – delicious fat mussels and juicy beyond belief. Farm raised in the pristine, cool clear waters of New Zealand. Male mussels are a creamy white colour, females are an orange-apricot colour, and both specimens have a distinctive ‘green lip’ around the internal margin of the shell.

Location Map

From Golden Bay through to the pristine bays and coves of the Marlborough Sounds is where you will find United's Greenshell Mussel farms. With cutting-edge aquaculture techniques our mussels flourish in the deep, cool, and crystal-clear waters, achieving peak quality within 18 months. They are then meticulously harvested and transported to United's Export Processing Plant in Christchurch where they undergo snap freezing to preserve their optimal freshness.

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